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Thank you for visiting us at Elevated Horizons.  We are a leading supplier of UAV products and services.  
We're currently compiling a number of images and videos that can better illustrate what we can do for you.  Check back soon for more information and updates.
What's possible with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle you ask?  
  • High definition photography and video.  Everything from weddings to real estate to security - aerial imaging is both effective and compelling.
  • Spectral imaging - this incredible technology allows a number of diagnostic applications, from agricultural applications to geological to utility inspections.
  • Thermal imaging - detecting increased heat signatures in many instances, can provide you with a proactive inspection tool to avoid issues later.
We work with a number of UAV models and payload types to provide our services.  Everything from short to long range flight distance, as well as a variety of altitudes and data collection options.  
If you're in need of this equipment - we've got you covered!  We sell only the best in terms of both performance and value - the same equipment we use every day!  We truly partner with our clients, so your satisfaction is the ultimate deliverable.  For a downloadable/viewable version of our current sales kit, please click here.
We have offices in both the US and Canada and are actively working with clients worldwide, so feel free to hit the 'Contact Us' to tell us about your specific needs or ask any questions.